Smoked Dragon Negroni - Easy Cocktails With Gin Spirits

Smoked Dragon Negroni

Smoked Dragon Negroni

Today I’ve been playing around with the amazing Gwyr Rhosili Dragon Strength Gin. Because of its 60% ABV, a Negroni was calling as I could balance it with the campari, vermouth & bitters. With a smokey flavour coming from the lapsang souchong in the gin, I decided enhance this flavour with oak wood chip smoke. This dragon Negroni has real bite

▪️Gwyr Rhosili ‘Dragon Strength’ – 30ml
▪️Martini Rosso Sweet Vermouth – 40ml
▪️Campari – 40ml
▪️Bitter Truth Orange Bitters – 2 Dashes
▪️Oak Wood Chip Smoke
▪️Dehydrated Orange Garnis

Add the gin, vermouth, campari & bitters to a mixing glass filled with ice & stir for 30 seconds. Single strain into a rocks glass filled with ice & garnish with a dehydrated orange. Cover your glass with a cloche while adding oak wood chip smoke and leave to infuse. Remove the cloche & enjoy
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